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“The Elephant of My Heart” Book Signings & Readings. 

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Elephant of My Heart Children’s Storytelling Show

“This play is a wonderful way of expressing the trials of life to children in a positive and non-threatening way and reassuring them that they are so much stronger than they imagine.”  Parent Reviewer

“The Elephant of My Heart: Storytelling Show” is aimed at children from the ages of 5-12 years old. It mixes storytelling and mindfulness and offers them a very simple method of turning within to cope with stress. It is a one-woman, one-suitcase show and I would be happy to bring it to your school.

The show itself is a true-life story of hope and the power of creativity and imagination. When I was a child I had a brain injury. The story starts in the hospital where I hear a knocking on the door. When I open it there stands an elephant who takes me on a journey of healing and recovery.

At the end of the show there is a short visualisation where I introduce the children to the Animals at their Heart. This gives them an inner resource that they can return to de-stress whenever they wish.

“The Elephant of My Heart” was also performed at the Edinburgh Festival in 2016 where we won three 5 star reviews.

‘A joyous story filled with hope and the power of imagination – the youngsters were totally engaged and captivated.’ British Theatre Guide

‘A truly wonderful piece of children’s theatre’ – Musical Theatre Review

‘A colossally inventive and deliciously ensemble play for children.’ – First Night Reviews

“A truly wonderful piece of children’s theatre”


Individual One-to-One “Animal of Your Heart” Adult Sessions

These one-to-one sessions are devised to suit the individual. They involve a more detailed journey within. This happens because I ask you questions during your journey which enables me to guide you deeper within. This offers a more in-depth journey & therefore healing to occur. 

These sessions last for 1.5-2 hours and cost £60. However I do run a sliding scale.  Please contact me for more information.


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