Photograph taken by Suey 
Relationships between animals & humans fascinate me. We are at a time in our world’s history where we can inflict much harm on our planet. Yet some of us, like this Mahout and his Elephant, choose to build a friendship. 
As I watched them walk together around Kottoor Kappakadu Elephant rehabilitation Centre in Kerala I was wide-eyed in admiration. They were like brothers. Each knew the other so well. 
When I turned within to journey with my inner animals I was surprised to see this majestic elephant and his Mahout. My inner childish ego, Little Jess, rushed over to see them. They welcomed her & she was soon on top of her new elephant friend tucked in front of the Mahout. I watched, as with a wave, they were away to explore the jungles of southern Indian. 
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