..is a delightful tale for children of a young girl’s visit by a menagerie of animals, & the wisdom they unveil whilst she recovers from serious illness in hospital. 




The Elephant of My Heart


I was a very ill when I was  9 years old .

I heard a knock at my door & when I opened it there stood an Elephant!

  He was the Animal of My Heart & he became my friend & guide. 

He & all my other inner animals gave me gifts of great beauty & power.

They helped me see my illness as nothing more than a walk in the park – or in my case the jungle!


” I read this book in one evening and could not put it down as I was taken on a magical journey by the Elephant of My Heart! The author has cleverly weaved her own story of recovery & healing & it makes for a great story for the child within us all.”  5* Arvind Devalia – author of “Get The Life You Love”.

“A book filled with words of wisdom & healing offered within a most enchanting, heart-warming story. Jessica Clements’ words paint beautiful pictures in a landscape of feeling. It is a complete joy to read and in writing about conversing with her heart she allows me to speak to my own”  S Cooper 

“A little gem of a book that puts you in touch with your inner self through finding the Animal of Your Heart. It is a lovely story of a young girl fighting for her life who sets out on a journey of discovery to find strengths within to pull her through.”  Lisa Buckley




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